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Kratom Strain



We have a lot of strain, and some below are types of Kratom best in our opinion and we provide the best quality and freshness, we will serve another strain depending on the order and agreement.

  1. Green Maeng Da
  2. Red Maeng Da
  3. White Maeng Da
  4. Green Vein Borneo
  5. Red Vein Borneo
  6. White Vein Borneo
  7. Premium Bali
  8. Premium Sumatra
  9. Red Hulu Kapuas
  10. Green Hulu Kapuas
  11. White Hulu Kapuas
  12. Red Malay
  13. Green Malay
  14. White Malay
  15. Premium Red Sandai
  16. Premium Green Sandai
  17. Premium White Sandai
  18. Red Sentarum
  19. Royal Bentuangie 7X

This is our seed strains and we could produce a strain that you want, you can go directly to our factory for testing Each strain and meet with us. Because we prioritize customer satisfaction.

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